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World class network observability

at a flexible price.


Prophet is the powerful visibility platform that answers questions about your network and its traffic.


Collect flows everywhere

Prophet collects flows across your network infrastructure, including on-prem, in the cloud, VPN, and more.

Powerful search and contextual filtering 

Prophet normalizes and enriches all collected flows, and provides an intuitive interface for expressing powerful searches and aggregations.

Dynamic Threat


Prophet sends route instructions via existing protocols to all network devices and equips your organization to respond to known and emerging threats.

Welcome to a more complete view of your network traffic.

Solve complex network problems when you combine network observability with full search.


Flow Monitoring

Monitor your network from the perspective of your users. Get alerts when latency spikes or when users cannot connect to applications. 

Network Policy Engine

Prophet allows you to define how your traffic should flow; take actions such as alerts or route changes if these policy conditions are met.


Threat Hunting

With powerful correlation and contextual flow enrichment, Prophet enables your organiztion to find the needle in the haystack.

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