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You Can't Protect What You Can't See


Prophet helps organizations gain visibility into network traffic across their entire infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud.


Sacramento, CA

Denver, CO

Flow Collection and Stitching

Prophet collects NetFlow and raw packets, it supports every version of NetFlow and all vender specific fields.

Collects flow data from routers, firewalls, switches, load-balancers, VMWare, VPC Flow Logs in AWS, pretty much anything that emits a flow.

Stitches flows from multiple devices and across NAT boundaries. Maintain flow direction for reliable data. Enhance flows with rich contextual information to allow for intuitive searches and correlation.


Discover Network Resources and How They are Used

Prophet uses flow-data to find networked resources, such as servers and their inter-dependancies. Additionally Prophet profiles the ports and protocols used to serve an application and can help tighten firewall rules and micro-segment applications.

Prophet determines normal user activity for your app such as time-of-day, duration, bandwidth, geo-location, latency, etc. and monitor for anomalies.


App-Centric Monitoring and Anomaly Detection


Prophet monitors all communication to your network applications including if valid user communication breaks such as firewalls blocking, servers not building sessions, infrastructure failing, or etc.

Discovers malicious activity such as DDoS, Scanning, Bot-Nets, and triggers BGP messages to defend your app.

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